What we do

We lead a campaign of discipline, hard work, dedication, daily we are helping entrepreneurs take the first or the next step. By showing members the mindset, the plan, we set a path to make the changes and look at the choices.

The key we see is your commitment to something, focus on it and we make the introductions to aid you in making your vision and we simply show you how to start. The place and time is here and now. The timing has never been better to execute the idea than now and in this space the we provide. Our space is thoughtfully designed, we work to create a base point or rather spaces as a  workplace for communities that feature coworking, offices and team rooms interconnected by a network of entrepreneur lounges that will allow you to arrive in almost any city and have a lounge with free WiFi, free coffee and open space to have an informal chat with colleagues or clients. Entrepreneur Coworking is a creative working environment with an entrepreneurial spirit you can feel rather than describe.

Every location has 10% of its space as a dedicated global Entrepreneurs Business Club (lounge) for both visiting and local members with Global Entrepreneur status. A further 10% of its space is dedicated to health & wellbeing through yoga, meditation and exercise. We offer both dynamic working areas to collaborate in and meditative space to help you think, create and collaborate. Whether you are working on your own or working in a team, we have a space just right for you.

Each Entrepreneur Coworking Location has quiet areas for you to concentrate, open space for you to collaborate, flexible offices for you to expand your team and creative meeting rooms for when you need to make big decisions or just simply want to bounce ideas around. We take care of a talented and forward thinking community with high energy and an appetite for success.


We have an incubator for option with our partners at University of Worcester to give you an entire option of courses and incubator space for entrepreneurship. We are the doorway to that campus provides facilities and an environment that supports founders and innovators to grow and succeed with their ideas. Our members benefit from valuable events, workshops, mentors, flexible contracts, access to funding and an outstanding community of entrepreneurs.


Sweat the small stuff, what makes you uncomfortable will make you grow, the billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hours everyday, you cannot stop an hour but by spending an hour holding or attending events you will see how everything in your life can change, It all comes down to taking ownership of your decisions, these events will allow you to begin by holding your own event. If you do not yet need to host your own event, then we invite you to our Startup Ecosystem.


Our Coworking space offers a great place for bright freelancers, corporate nomads, startups and entrepreneurs to have their own fully inclusive corporate hq. It also allows them to network and share their passion for their businesses. You’ll find people working on their own as well as a group of people. It’s a creative area for inspirational moments, business talks, and an energizing atmosphere.

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