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Following a rise in global self-employment and a larger number of corporate nomadic workers seeking an alternative to the solitary home office environment. Coupled with the new workspace trend for a major city, younger technology savvy workforce, our Coworking model has been developed with the former in mind, we set out to fill a gap for regionally placed locations for entrepreneurs or mobile corporate workers to collaborate, based on our core beliefs: community, integrity, collaboration and accessibility

Coworking locations are businesses dedicated to the values outlined above. Unprecedented levels of self employment have arisen in the UK’s post-war economic developments and have raised questions about the extent to which the shift towards self-employment is a structural or a cyclical phenomenon. By Q1 2016, the employment rate hadrisen to a record high of 74.2%, and just over 4.7 million workers were self-employed and annual growth is still growing with June 2014 seeing reports of 4.2 million home workers in the UK. Our quest is however a global one and we set out to connect an entire planet of entrepreneurs through this new workplace experience.

Our culture goes beyond business logistics to building a community of interesting people doing exciting things. At our coworking centres you meet people who believe in taking charge of their careers.

Through our content and events Members gain a sense of belonging to the Entrepreneurial Spirit and leading a way of life that internalises high integrity.

Through our community managers, members can build their networks and connect with like-minded people to collaborate and share ideas. Whether you are a small business, solopreneur, intrapreneur or freelancer Entrepreneur Coworking is where you want it to be.

Our diverse community of innovators creates a vibrant and infectious spirit inspiring all who plug in. Every goal is achievable – every crazy idea is conceivable. In our spaces the goal is to facilitate success by providing high quality business services and great coffee and food.

Entrepreneur Coworking HUB’s, Entrepreneur Centre’s or drop in E2 centres are filled with forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident that they will achieve their goals whilst giving something back to the community.

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