Entrepreneur Coworking is on a focussed mission to kick the walls down to make easy in/out on access ‘Grade A workspace’ we encourage, nurture,  prioritise innovative business creators who join us and gain access to beautiful drop-in workspace.

This space provides useful business services, we help entrepreneurs to take what seems impossible and we help you evaporate the fear in doing so we complete a  mission to make the most interconnected entrepreneurial community the world has ever seen. We welcome your courage and all we ask is your fear is something you leave at the door.  For us the coworking movement is about generating marvellously meaningful human connections that allow a world of self belief and we help the community to puch through to the other side and get business to flow in a community strength exercise. All the expertise is here to be tapped, our vision is to help members in one location to succeed and then spread like a global movement of little bush fires..


To perfect the art of workspace through the creation of aspirational workspace that is a eautifully designed and well connected (work-from-anywhere).

Its Coworking space for independent and corporate mobile workers ages 30-55.This category of intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs has a more obvious use for a network of branded coworking locations that can replace or extend a corporate real estate footprintand attract top talent with 250 global locations and hospitality style service level standards. This positioning between traditional short term office rentals like Servcorp/Regus and the allet seating or sawn plank (down-market millennial) coworking is a deep and wid opportunity for new market entrants with an entrepreneurial spirit around major cities or drive to locations with parking, around the world, through the provision of inspirational environments with excellent staff, a dynamic community, valuable services and enticing

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