Dear Prospective Coworking Entrepreneur,

You are invited to look further into what we believe is probably the most highly prepared launch the coworking industry has ever seen. It’s a mission to kick down the walls and you will create a place like no other place you or your members have ever worked in before, or will ever work in again. We see the secret of success is ‘making it together’. This comes from our building a better platform to allow independent business operators an opportunity to share our knowledge. We have created this franchise  package to help guide you through the process of researching, building, marketing, building and retaining members under a global office/workspace brand.

Our aim is to make sure you and we are a good fit, over time both parties need to have confidence in each other, both parties must know who each other is and once a good fit is established you know what you are signing up for and thien this enable you to plan your next steps appropriately.

I would invite you to make contact with our franchise development team and then we can give you an overview of our, selection criteria, legal, documents and some “do’s and don’t’s”. Do please take the time to read all of the franchise information carefully and do thorough research before you make a final application.

Who Are We Looking For

We are now entering new global markets through a Master Franchise and Area Development agreement. We work together with you as the Area developer and as your understanding of the culture and brand is proven a Regional CEO Directorship (Master Franchise) license is set with your developing and awarding Sub Franchises at a more territorial level and we will provide all franchisees with relevant training and documentation.

Our Area Development Franchise Partners must demonstrate multi-unit operator success and lead from the front by setting the highest of standards. Once you have multiple units operational you are ready to take the next step and develop/support/award sub franchisees.

Our proposition

” For bright minded individuals, seeking a growth industry a world away from hum-drum, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a business movement that makes money, not just a little money but a sum that will allow you to build a financial wall around you and your family that is impenetrable.



If the idea of working with the franchisor to prove, refine, and in some cases help invent the franchisor’s processes and systems is of interest,  ECL will in return pay you a guaranteed lump sum of 5X EBITDA £1,000,000 (5X £200,000) for every Coworking location that hits target and all in return for creating an exclusive local coworking community and for doing something that truly mattered in the lives of entrepreneurs in your town or city.

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