Entrepreneur 80

Monthly membership for ten days a month or a total 80 hours a month, this hot desk plan gives you access to one primary coworking location, pitch up when you want, grab coffee, use any open seat in the Entrepreneur Club Lounge area, and start working. A different seat every day makes for increased serendipity, collaboration and networking with Fizz Friday as you join in the weekly ‘Champagne & Canapé’ events and workshops to encourage knowledge sharing within the community Proving popular with both Freelancers and part time 5pm to 9pm startups and other remote workers.

Starting from


Entrepreneur 80 Plus– membership card issued Coworker status (starting at £145 monthly – month to month) gets 80 hours (ten days) hot desk usage in Worcester Entrepreneur Club Lounge Area, phones can be answered in the company name for an extra monthly fee and includes free printing (fair usage). This is for nomads and coworkers or part time business owners who are very community oriented and never wish to do business outside of Worcester, love socialising and open spaces, and who come to the coworking space about two or three days per week to Cowork and exchange. These are usually startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Entrepreneur 80 – Access to any open seat in the Entrepreneur Club Lounge area. Just bring your laptop and get to work. The concept of these hot desks are geared towards those who need flexible access to workspace and the Entrepreneur 80 gives you 80 hours access a month at anytime of the day or night and offers great workspace without taking up a  private office, or even the same desk every day.

80 hours a month hot-desk use, free printing service, a business post address comes as standard. Then itʼs up to you. Choose from our list of innovative services, from mail and phone options, on. Two meeting room credits included.

Conference Rooms: Starting at £5//hour
Mail & Packaging Received *: £FREE
Calls answered in your company name and messages forwarded £1.20 a call and £45 a month’

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