Coworking Locations Birmingham

1.Light and circulation

Entrepreneur Coworking provides fully furnished glazed offices, with an aim to bring in an abundance of natural light to as many members as possible via glazing, we encourage people to also leave the office and to go out and speak to members with your laptop at the bar or on a sofa. Sharing a few words can help make or entire project.  Great energy flow comes from a Feng Shui overview in every location.

2. Interaction areas

By resembling a Champagne & Coffee Bar rather than a traditional soulless office space, this area allows focused work whilst allowing us to fulfill a need to dip in and out of interaction with others and increases business serendipity through chance encounters, conversations overheard and more formal networking events to promote the sharing of knowledge amongst members. One of our key drivers is people helping people.

3.Huddle zones

In Entrepreneur Coworking locations we often use decoration or different styles of fit-out to create identifiable locations. A working day may in the future begin with a text from a colleague that says, “We’re all on top of the world in ‘the roof garden’, come join us”.

4.Quiet space

These range from one-person iThink booths, ideal for writing up a focused report or clusters of desks behind glass partitions for a group project seeking a team to beat a tight deadline. Also, short-stay mini-pods are dotted around the floor, so people can take or make that confidential mobile phone call or even have a video conference call.

5.Home in the office

Whether you seek unlimited free coffee, a morning pastry one day and afternoon tea the next, video games, beer, yoga classes or table football. We set out to blur the boundary between work and home. Our community team wants their members to think of this workspace as more than home. It has the feel of a boutique hotel and we set out to create a space people want to spend more time in. Locker rooms also allow our members to jog or cycle to work, and even get changed before going out for an evening. Our team are not ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen! We want to call you by your first name as you call us and yes we might share a joke, if you are smiling, we are smiling and all the visitors will get the vibe!
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